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Top 5 Electrical Tips for your Home

Top 5 Electrical Tips for your Home

1. Do not over-light your interiors.

Start with function and adapt your lighting depending on the needs in the space to avoid over lighting your home and put a dimmer on every interior light!

2. Loose connections.

Loose connections between the plug and outlet can cause electric arcing. If you find you have outlets that no longer hold plugs tightly, it is time to replace them. This risk, in tandem with the combustible material risk identified below, is a major homeowners fire hazard. It is also good to note that this is an outlet characteristic that can occur regardless of the age of your home.

3. Never touch electrical appliances or switches with wet hands

Never touch electrical appliances or switches with wet hands, ensure electrical appliances in your bathroom do not fall into the water and keep extension cords and portable appliances away from the bath or pool.

4. Take shorter showers

Hot water is expensive. If two people in your home cut their shower time by a minute each, you could save $30 over a year.

5. Go cold and wash smarter

Start washing your clothes in cold water and you’ll save some cold, hard cash. According to the Alliance to Save Energy, washing clothes in cold water can save you $63 a year on your electricity bill.


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