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Top 10 Electrical Tips For This Festive Season

Top 10 Electrical Tips For This Festive Season

Ho ho ho! The festive season is in full swing and homes across New Zealand are twinkling with fairy lights and Christmas cheer.


  1. Buy a Fire-Resistant Tree
    If you’re shopping for an artificial tree this year, make sure you purchase one labelled “fire retardant.” This doesn’t mean the tree won’t catch fire, but it will resist burning and can be extinguished quickly if it does catch fire.
  2. Keep Your Christmas Tree at a Safe Distance from Heat Sources
    Make sure that before you begin building or decorating your tree that it is a safe distance away from any heat sources. Anything from furnaces, electric-heaters and lamps/lighting can quickly heat up and begin to burn your Christmas tree and its decorations.
  3. Never Leave Pets or Young Children Unattended
    If you have pets or young children around your home, we strongly recommend keeping an eye on them. No matter what you do, never leave your pets or young children unattended around your Christmas tree.
  4. Check Your Lights
    Before you string lights up on your tree or in your yard, make sure they are functioning properly. Plug them in to see if all the lights turn on. If not, unplug the strand and replace the broken bulbs. And make sure you look for frayed wires or cracked cords. If you find that your lights have some damage, toss them out. You don’t want your lights to short and cause a fire.
  5. Always Read The Safety Instruction
    Always read the safety instruction of your Christmas lights before putting them up.
  6. Never Use Lights That are not Outdoor Friendly
    If you are planning on decorating the outside of your home, always ensure that the lights are meant for outside use.
  7. Don’t Overload
    If you put up a lot of lights each year, it’s important to distribute your light strands among multiple extensions cords. Each extension cord comes with a wattage rating. If the combined wattage of your lights exceeds that of your cord, it can overheat.
  8. Turn Off the Lights
    You shouldn’t leave your Christmas lights on all the time. Not only does it add up on your electricity bill, but it’s also a safety issue.
  9. Inspect your entire home inside and out before going to bed
    Inspect your entire home inside and out before going to bed, or leaving the house. Look for tripping hazards like toys, wrapping paper, or boxes that could present a tripping hazard in a dark home.
  10. Don’t leave your gas hob unattended when cooking your Christmas Feast.

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