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Replacing the old switchboard with the new one

Replacing the old switchboard with the new one

Old switchboards are normally made of asbestos and therefore it is not safe to drill or maintain them as this will expose the house to asbestos fibres. At Advanced Electrical Services all of our Electricians are Asbestos certified for removal and safe disposal of these items. We can upgrade your electrical switchboard to a flush mounted new board that has all the relevant protection of today to keep your house and family safe. No more porcelain fuses to rewire in the dark and at the same time, once we have upgraded the fuse board we test through your house and find all existing underlying issues that your old outdated protection devices can’t.

Providing services for:

  • Switchboard Upgrade
  • Switchboard Replacement
  • Switchboard Rewiring
  • Fuse Box Upgrades
  • Fuse Box Replacement

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