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Five Tips For Electrical Outlet Maintenance

Five Tips For Electrical Outlet Maintenance

1. Frequently test outlets

Make a standing appointment with yourself on a monthly basis to test each electrical outlet in your home for safety. Catching a problem early drastically reduces the chances of a fire or the development of a larger electrical problem later on.

2. Replace old wiring

Once damaged and worn wiring has been discovered, immediately replace it.

3. Don’t skimp on parts

There are many instances where it is preferable to purchase an inexpensive product knock-off, but replacement parts for your electrical outlets is not a place to scrimp.

4. Never repair your wiring

If the problem with your wiring is more serious than normal wear, it is imperative to turn the project over to a professional electrician. It’s safer and likely more cost-effective to consult a professional.

5. Maintain every electrical outlet

Create an inventory of your home’s outlets and check them frequently for issues.

Monthly maintenance can help you prevent serious electrical issues down the road, and perhaps most importantly, fires.

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