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Does your house require an Electrical Check Up?

Does your house require an Electrical Check Up?

1. Power Outlets

Check all your outlets to see if the plastic has yellowed which can be replaced cheaply or if the switch modules are coming out of the power point which can cause a risk of electrocution.

2. Switch Board

Make sure that you have a new switchboard protecting you and your family. The black and brown switchboards contain asbestos which is dangerous to families, as well as the circuit protection, is outdated.

3. Wiring

Ask us to come and check out the wiring of your home if you are unsure about it and the house was built pre 1970s. We can check the wiring and give you an estimation to change it for you if needed. Old cabling can cause fires from loose connections to the insulation falling off and contacting other surfaces in your walls.

4. Lighting

Are you having problems with flickering lights or lights not working and bulbs blowing all the time? Most downlights that take the old ES and BC lamps are out of date with the plastic degrading and causing loose connections that cause the before mentioned faults.

5. Outdoor Point Of Entry

This is where the mains cables come into the house overhead. This is also what most emergency calls are based on. An old point of entry or connection hooks for the overhead cables can come down in high winds causing annoying power outages. These should be updated before they become a hazard.

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